Jim Parsons on the Dan Patrick Show?


The Box Score asks: Who Is Your Favorite SI Swimsuit Model? Audition to be on The Box Score Television Show!

As avid sports fans, we love to listen to and watch sports talk shows.  Have you ever wished you could be at the table, expressing your views which are infinitely more interesting and informative than the host?  What if you had a chance to be part of the show?  Admit it - you would love to have that opportunity.  Well, now you can.

American sportscaster and radio personality, Dan Patrick, the driving force behind The Dan Patrick Show and The Box Score, and DIRECTV, are collaborating with YouPlusMedia on a groundbreaking project designed to make their listeners on radio and viewers on television part of the on-air conversation.

For the first time, avid sports fans around the country will be able to express their views on The Box Score television show.  Sports fans can “audition” to be on the show from any sports bar, office, or their own living room by firing up the The Box Score app and expressing their opinions through the video camera on their mobile device.

Download the free iPhone app by visiting the iTunes store. Once the app downloads to your mobile device, you are ready to answer a variety of sports questions. You can view the lastest feed of opinions from fellow sports fans inside the app.

Don't have a smart phone? You can also answer questions by using your webcam.  Visit the Dan Patrick Channel on YouPlusDallas.com to use your webcam and also view fellow sports fans' opinions on the latest topic online.


The Dan Patrick Show airs at 9:00AM on DirectTV and Dan Patrick Radio Affiliates

The Box Score airs at 12:00PM EST on DirectTV